Hosted by Waterford Council #237 Knights of Columbus

Welcome back to the Century Club! We would like to start with a few announcements on what is new. Your participation helps the K of C to donate to community organizations and help us to do great things for people in need.

First, we would like to thank Jim Brown and Phil Heroux for their many years of outstanding work for the Century Club. They have decided to step down and pass the numbered bingo balls on to new volunteers.

What is New for the Century Club in 2022!

We are excited to keep the Century Club active and have made some slight changes to make the club a little more accessible and fun!

Drawings: a computer-generated Spinning Wheel will be used at the monthly Council meeting on the first Thursday each month. The Century Club runs from September 1 through August 31st with awards of $120 each month. Grand Prizes are drawn in September with awards of $1000. (1), $500 (4), $250 (2) and $125 (2).

Dinner: we still plan on a September dinner but will consider the current safety of our club members and notify everyone at that time.

Century Club Web Announcements:

The Century Club has its own page at and on their facebook page.

Screen images of the monthly drawing number will be posted.

2020-2021 Monthly Drawings @ $120.

September: Mary Ann L. #23 October: Cindy P. #82 November: Carolyn K. #16

December: Don S. #60 January: Dan C. #37 February: Mike C. #100

March: Anthony S. #70 April: Vince D. #101 May: Mike G. #111

June: Vince C. #53 July: Dan C. #37 August: Bill C. #21

Grand Prize Winners:

$1000 - Noretta J. #75 $500 - Sandy S. #5 $500 - Alan B. #107

$500 - Mary G. #124 $500 - Gail S. #51 $250 - Anthony S. #70

$250 - Joe F. #92 $125 - Sue. #95 $125 - Phil B. #91